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Wednesday June 10, 2020 – After the unceremonious impeachment of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru by MCAs yesterday for engaging in corruption, her fate now hangs in the balance as she waits for the Senate to either confirm her ouster or squash the County Assembly’s impeachment resolution.

But even as she awaits her fate, she is as good as gone considering that President Uhuru Kenyatta warned her well in advance of what awaits her if she continued with her thieving ways.

According to a video that was first published in February 2020, Uhuru asked Kirinyaga MCAs to be alert on misuse of funds and hold everyone involved, even if it is Waiguru, to account. 

 “I don’t know whether MCAs are present,” he stated looking around as they stood in respect.

“I can see you, be very alert,” he said before turning to Governor Waiguru and repeating the same, “Be very alert.” 

“You can see what is happening in other counties (Kiambu), be careful not to misuse public resources.”

“Be extremely alert or else you’ll be hunted down.”

“This money belongs to the public so let them benefit.”

“If they don’t benefit the citizen you (MCAs) also have the right to teach leaders a lesson,” the President warned Waiguru. 

In his native Kikuyu language, Kenyatta added, “Why do public officers embezzle money and leave citizens struggling to make ends meet? We cannot live like that.”

He added that going forward, leaders caught engaging in corruption should not hide behind claims that their community is being attacked. 

“Did you steal with members of your community?”

“If you are caught, you shall suffer the consequences alone.”

“That money will be traced and you will be forced to produce it,” President Kenyatta declared. 


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