Tuesday June 23, 2020 – Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe, disclosed on Tuesday that he is always in constant fights with his mother.

While discussing the implications of the restriction of movement in and out of Nairobi, Kagwe noted that his own mother blamed him for the inability to access her farm in Nyeri.

“My own mother is in Nairobi, unable to go home and she tells me I am the reason she is stuck here,” he revealed.

He further stated that the restrictions were necessitated by measures to ensure the current situation did not get worse.

“It is not an easy decision having to tell the President to cease movements and implement a curfew but the option of not doing it is a lot more expensive in the end,” he stated.

Kagwe further addressed the issue of his son and niece being in self-quarantine, noting that they too had to follow isolation procedures.

“My son was in self-quarantine at home and we would talk through the door.”

“My niece was in mandatory quarantine for 21 days in a hotel in the first month.”

“Gatherings can be very dangerous, it is not a political issue,” he added.


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