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Thursday, June 4, 2020 – Media personality, Lillian Muli, has excited netizens after she confessed that she used to have a crush on gospel rapper, Holy Dave, when they were both students at Daystar University.

The mother of two made these revelation on Instagram after she shared a throwback photo of herself from her time at KTN when she was just starting her career.

She captioned the photo:

“At KTN. Back in the day when the news consumer was only interested in the news of the day and not the personal lives of their favorite News Anchor. I must have been about 24 years old here.” 

“I was so thin this is the only suit they could find that could fit me.”

Holy Dave responded to the photo saying that it reminded him of their college days at Daystar.

“This looks like the you I remember at the Daystar canteen at lunchtime” wrote Holy Dave.

“lol yup but you were too posh you never had time for me.” Ms. Muli replied before adding “hey but you still remain one of my favorite people.”

Holy Dave replied: “The feeling is mutual and you know.”

However, Holy Dave went on to defend himself saying that Lillian was not ‘approachable’ and that she had a clique of slay queens that intimidated him.

“Watu wa Daystar, ati nilikua najiskia? Nzisa wasn’t that approachable. Then she had a clique of girls, wah, wacha tu,” he wrote.

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