Tuesday, June 16, 2020 – Equity Bank’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Polycarp Igathe, is living life on the fast lane literally.

Igathe, who shocked many when he resigned as Nairobi County’s Deputy Governor in January 2018 and went back to the corporate world, is a proud owner of a Bentley Bentayga 2018 model.

This powerful (6,000cc) luxurious car goes for approximately Sh27 million but could go higher depending on customization.

To put things into perspective, the Bentayga is owned by 50 people, world over.

Igathe also owns a Porsche Cayenne

Well, while majority of Kenyans are going through hard times during this Covid pandemic, some folks like Igathe are living life on the fast lane.

The Kenyan DAILY POST. 

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