Saturday, 06 June 2020 – A beautiful lady has narrated how she was lured by a male friend that she trusted and ended up being raped.

While narrating the rape ordeal, the light skinned beauty who is identified as Tania Pattni, disclosed that the male friend lured her to his house for a party and then raped her in turns with his friends after spiking her drink.

She woke up the next day covered in blood after being raped in turns by the shameless sex beasts.

The lady says that it took her a long time to gain courage and speak about the rape ordeal that was orchestrated by a male friend that she trusted.

My Rape story, I just want to say it hasn’t been an easy journey and I’m nowhere near completely recovered but I wanted to share my story with you guys. To everyone who’s going through or been through sexual abuse, you are all so strong and we are survivors, the trauma may definitely break you but it won’t kill you, may change you but it will never define who you are as a person, stay strong my kings & queens because you are worth it” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Listen to the hearbreaking story of the rape victim here.

She also named the shameless rapists in an Instagram video.



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