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Wednesday June 24, 2020 – Former Machakos Senator, Johnstone Muthama, went off rails yesterday during a live interview after being asked about siding with Deputy President William Ruto.

Muthama completely lost it and blasted the anchor after misinterpreting a question he was asked about siding with Ruto.

He actually mistook ‘siding’ with ‘dinning’.

“Not dinning, that is the problem with some guys like you, I’ve just told you I’m working round the clock to team up with Deputy President William Ruto and other Kenyans to make sure that he is elected the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya.”

“What does dinning mean?”

“Don’t use some small words to be… Dinning! I can dine anytime, we can only meet with Ruto to discuss issues to do with this country not to dine, excuse me!” stated Muthama.

The anchor then asked Muthama if the current political issues have a ramification on the 2022 Presidential polls as Muthama continued with his rant.

“My Goodness, I see that you don’t have questions, I’m making it clear that I’m working round the clock with other Kenyans to make sure that Deputy President Ruto becomes the fifth President of Kenya, now you are asking me about ramifications, what do you want me to tell you?” he noted.

In the interview, Muthama confirmed that he left Wiper back in 2017 after declining to vie for the Machakos Senatorial position using the Wiper ticket.


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  1. What is all this crap about Ruto and Raila, blaa blaa supposed to achieve. We are getting bloody fed with the muck flying around. It is particularly wrangling to hear people froth at the mouth defending politicians who have brought this country to its knees through Mega Scams. It is shocking to see seasoned politicians getting enticed by proceeds of corruption. Who does not know that tribal chiefs want to auction their communities’ votes in exchange for the loot? Give us a break you nincompoops!

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