Sunday June 28, 2020 – Even before she uncorks a celebratory champagne bottle over her victory in the Senate, Governor Anne Waiguru is staring at another impeachment and investigations from anti-graft agencies.

Immediately after she was let off the hook, Kirinyaga MCAs led by Majority Leader Kamau Murango and the mover of the impeachment motion Kinyua Wangui (Mutira ward), said they will kick her out again.

“We are going to impeach the Governor once again whether the Senate likes it or not.”

“The Senate has let us and the people of Kirinyaga down,” Mr. Wangui said.

The ward reps swore not to work with Ms Waiguru, who they accused of being uncooperative and was busy undermining them.

“We are going to impeach Ms Waiguru as many times until she is removed from office,” said Budget Committee chairman, David Mathenge.

Ndia MP, George Kariuki, said he was disappointed at the Senate’s verdict and wondered how the Governor will be able to work with the ward reps.

This comes even as allies of Waiguru are trying to reach out to disgruntled MCAs and Jubilee leaders in the County for reconciliation.

Nonetheless, Ms Waiguru’s supporters welcomed the decision by the Senate and told ward reps to concede defeat.

“The Senate has found that the Governor is not guilty and the MCAs should declare a ceasefire and agree to work with the County boss,” said County Jubilee chairman Mureithi Kang’ara.

To impeach the Governor again, ward reps must table new evidence and also collect signatures from a majority of the members of the County Assembly.

It is understood that Waiguru was saved from impeachment due to her support of BBI which is spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader, Raila Odinga.



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