Saturday, 06 June 2020 – Controversial singer, Akothee, has been accused of squandering money that was contributed to help ailing Luo singer, Lady Maureen.

Akothee ran a campaign on her social media pages that have a lot of followers, asking for financial donations to help the ailing singer, who was taken back to hospital after her condition worsened.

Well-wishers from Germany, her social media fans and Kenyans at large sent the controversial singer money to help Lady Maureen but the money was not used for the intended purpose.

According to a relative of Lady Maureen, Akothee stole all the money.

She didn’t send even a single penny to help Lady Maureen after receiving a lot of financial donations from well-wishers.

A woman who calls ailing Lady Maureen auntie exposed Akothee for squandering the money and claimed that she is using DCI officers to intimidate her.

After conning Lady Maureen, Akothee is now running another campaign claiming that she is helping a disabled man called Shadrack.

It’s alleged that Akothee has gone broke, forcing her to steal money donated to her foundation to help the less privilege.

The flashy life that Akothee displays on social media is reportedly fake.

Her tour business has collapsed.

She is currently surviving by stealing money donated to her foundation to help the less privilege.

This is how she was exposed.


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