Monday, June 15, 2020 – A lady identified as Jessie Nyar Butula or Irene, splashed photos on facebook mourning deceased Ohangla singer, Abenny Jachiga, revealing that they were living in Nairobi as husband and wife.

She wrote emotional words mourning the Mano Kasinde hit-maker saying,

‘You just left me without a reason. Just like that, you forgot our plans and all the love that we shared together. That was not fair. You knew you were going to leave me and you didn’t even bother to tell me.’

She then posted countless photos remembering the good times she had with the singer.

After Irene put up the post, social media detectives unearthed past facebook posts where she was complaining of being married to a man (in this case referring to Abenny Jachiga), only to realize 7 months later that he had another wife in the village.

She put up this post late last year.

And early this year, she posted more revealing that her marriage with the singer was troubled.

In one of the posts, she advised women to avoid getting married to musicians, describing them as ‘total jokes’.


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