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Tuesday June 30, 2020 – The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will not slowdown in pursuing corruption cases to completion.

This was revealed by Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Alexander Muteti.

Speaking during an interview with the media, the seasoned lawyer stated that the ruling on the graft case against Sirisia MP, John Waluke, and Grace Wakhungu gave a major boost in the campaign to protect public resources.

“I am happy with the courts.”

“I have for the first time appreciated being a prosecutor; the fruits have been so rare but now that we have gotten one, we are prepared to go the full hog,” he stated.

Reacting to the defence side promising to appeal the ruling, Muteti assured them that the prosecution was ready to take on any appeal.

“They will not have an easy ride.”

“The grounds that have been stated for an appeal, like the ruling was issued into the night don’t really hold any weight because the Supreme Court can issue rulings even up to midnight,” he explained.

On the sentencing, he observed that some issues were left unclear in the ruling by Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Juma noting that she did not pronounce whether the sentence will be consecutive or concurrent.

Muteti stated that the years of the sentence willonly be changed if ruled otherwise by another court.

“Section 45 of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act provides for a sentence that is twice the amount; When you steal Ksh200 Million, at the very least, expect to pay Ksh400 Million then you will be slapped with a fine,” he added.

Muteti further urged Kenyans to give the Office of the DPP time to prove itself because a corruption case that has many people involved, comes with many advocates and witnesses thus taking a long time.

The Judiciary has since clarified that the total jail term for convicts in Ksh314 Million maize scam is 69 years for Wakhungu and 67 years for Waluke if the cumulative fine amounting to Ksh2.1 Billion is not paid and not 7 years as earlier speculated.

The directors of the company will serve on its behalf if the company does not pay its own fine.


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