Wednesday May 27, 2020 – Naivasha Member of Parliament, Jayne Kihara, who is an ally of Deputy President William Ruto, has promised to attend a Jubilee Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting reportedly scheduled for June 2nd.

This comes despite not having received an invitation to the meeting which will take place in State House. 

Insiders in the ruling party hinted that the meeting is expected to endorse the removal of Ruto allies from leadership positions in the National Assembly.  

Speaking in Naivasha, Kihara wondered aloud how politics had taken centre-stage during a pandemic, even as she acknowledged the rift in Jubilee.

The lawmaker went on to poke holes in the recent operations of the party, saying that the PG meetings were being communicated irregularly unlike in the past.

She noted that party members were obligated to attend PG meetings by virtue of their membership.

“I’m a member of Jubilee.”

“I have not been invited, and if I’m invited I’ll go.”

“Although normally, the PG’s we’ve had, we’ve been invited by the Majority leader, we get a message from him.”

“I know there was one we got from the Deputy President, immediately after the election was nullified.”

“The message was signed by the DP.”

“It was a very serious PG.”

“The previous one we had, the President blasted us and I think they thought some of us may not go, but that was just an assumption because if you’re called by the party leadership you’re supposed to go,” she stated.

Kihara further questioned why Senators and members of the National Assembly elected on Jubilee tickets were being hosted in separate PG meetings unlike in the past.

“In the previous meetings, we were called both houses, Senate and Parliament. So this piecemeal PG is really not adding up.”

“We don’t know why we cannot go all of us,” she observed.

Kihara maintained that the focus on politics was misplaced, accusing unnamed individuals of orchestrating the dramatic happenings witnessed in the Senate.

“We are talking politics during this time.”

“When every effort should be focused on Covid-19, but politics being what it is, some people have taken advantage of this period.”

“Because like now I’ve not gone anywhere to say what I think, so it is unfortunate what is happening,” she noted.


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