Monday May 25, 2020 – A family in Kikuyu constituency was hospitalised after consuming food donated by Deputy President William Ruto and area MP, Kimani Ichungwa.

According to impeccable sources, the family’s members started vomiting after taking the food which was donated by Ruto and Ichungwa.

The incident sparked a quick response from Ichungwa who sought to distance himself and Ruto from the embarrassing incident.

The outspoken MP said that the poisoned donation was likely the work of the DP’s political enemies adding that a suspicious vehicle had been seen distributing care packages with similar branding to the one they were distributing.

Ichungwa stated

I have just been informed there was a white landcruiser at around 6PM distributing these food stuffs in Gikambura.

These are NOT our food stuffs and we are not distributing anything openly and on vehicles on roads or stadiums and even the FAKE branding and items are NOT anything close to what we are distributing

All our interventions are done through your known church leaders and from an identified list of beneficiaries identified by religious and Community leaders.

Pls be cautious as EVIL people who are distributing these may poison people for politics! A family that consumed the sugar suspect it was poisonous as two of them have been treated after consuming it.

Inform all your neighbors. Any support from our office will be delivered to your houses by your known neighbours and church leaders.

To the EVIL CABAL, Shetani ashindwe! Why don’t you feed the hungry? Why poison people in the name of fighting us?


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