Saturday May 30, 2020 – The cold war between Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, and Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has taken a new twist.

This is after Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly took sides in the war.

According to reports, MCAs are now aligned with Kibicho who Waiguru sees as a threat to her administration.

Political rumour has it that Waiguru accused Kibicho of coveting her seat and secretly launching a bid for the 2022 gubernatorial race.

The Governor argues that the MCAs are opposing bills tabled by the County Government, which is hindering development in the county.

“We cannot be passing a budget meant to assist Kirinyaga residents and then the MCAs make impromptu changes.”

“I asked them to straighten up their issues and have County agendas approved,” Waiguru lamented.

However, 25 area MCAs dared Waiguru to confront them personally as they defended Interior PS Kibicho.

“If the governor wants to make threats, let her face us, the elected leaders in this region.”

“We are the ones sent by the people to ask for bursaries and conduct oversight in the assembly.”

“We cannot sit back and watch as graft unfolds in Kirinyaga.”

“Jubilee Party does not uphold corruption and does not prevent us from questioning the governor.”

“What the governor is angry about Kibicho is that he came to coordinate the implementation of projects in the county,” Majority Leader Kamau Murango led the onslaught against Waiguru. 

Earlier, Waiguru accused the PS of meddling in a stadium project which was initiated after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention. 

Waiguru was not happy that PS Kibicho was taking credit for the stadium renovation project. 


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