Friday, May 15, 2020 – The Danish Embassy in Kenya has revealed that the National Treasury has refused to accept a donation of Sh 500 million from the Government of Denmark.

The money was donated on April 16th by the Danish Embassy in Nairobi and according to Danish Ambassador Mette Knudsen, the money was supposed to help the country fight COVID19 in slums and in marginalized areas.

Knudsen also said that part of the money was expected to support dispensaries and health centres, which are now cash-strapped and lack medicine and protective gear.

However, the funds are still with the Embassy of Denmark in Nairobi because the Treasury has failed – despite many reminders – to send an acceptance letter and stipulate how the funds will be utilised.

The Smbassador said she is unable to justify to his Government why the funds are lying idle, yet it was believed that Covid19 was an emergency in Kenya.

In a letter to Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Ukur Yatani, she said the money could now be sent to neighbouring countries that are needier.

“Regrettably, as the needs for immediate assistance are only increasing, both in Kenya and in the region, the Danish embassy cannot justify further delays in the use of these grant funds,” she said.


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