Thursday May 28, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended his purge within Jubilee targeting Deputy President William Ruto and his allies.

Speaking during an interview, Uhuru noted that he was forced to make the changes within Jubilee so that he could have people around him fighting on the same front.

“I want people who are not going to fight that agenda that I made and laid out to Kenyans, I want people who are going to support that agenda,” explained Uhuru.

The President also explained that he has no bad blood with anyone, appearing to respond to his relationship with Deputy President William Ruto.

“I’m not against anybody, I’m not for anybody but if you feel you are not comfortable then I say this gives you free time to engage in whatever you want to engage in.”

“These positions are very critical to me and the fulfillment of my agenda, let me put somebody who is willing to put their time and their effort into it, don’t let your agenda of tomorrow cloud what you want to do today.”

“I have not reached out to break what we have, I’ve reached out to extend what we have,” noted Uhuru.


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