Thursday May 28, 2020 – Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi, has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of unfairly targeting his Deputy, William Ruto, in the ongoing purge within Jubilee.

Voicing his concerns on social media, Sudi noted that Uhuru is hell bent on taking Ruto down by any means necessary, but warned him that the DP will not go down alone.

“According to Sudi, President Kenyatta has failed terribly to meet his promises and should resign from his position as soon as possible or else Kenyans will remove him from State House by force.”

“Now that he has failed to deliver to Kenyans, awache kutupigia kelele, afunge virago na akwende nyumbani (He should stop making noise, pack his bags and go home),” concluded Sudi.

At the same time, Sudi expressed his dissatisfaction with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s explanation about the ongoing purge within the ruling party. 


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