Tuesday May 19, 2020 – Renowned human rights crusader and activist, Boniface Mwangi, has alleged that there is an ongoing plan by President Uhuru Kenyatta to divert water from Ndakaini Dam, Muranga County, to his Northlands City in Ruiru.

The President, who is constructing a big city in his expansive land in Ruiru has diverted water from the famous Northern Collector Tunnel which was supposed to increase the water intake into Ndakaini Dam.

The Northern Collector Project is near completion and it has cost the taxpayer Sh 6.8 billion.

Initially, the 11.8km long 3.2m wide water diversion tunnel running from River Maragua to Ndakaini Dam was meant to boost water levels at the Ndakaini Dam while increasing water supply to Nairobi by 140 million litres a day.

But according to a source working with the Chinese company who spoke to Mwangi, the waters are being diverted to ‘Kenya’s number one mega estate, Northlands’.

“I work with the Chinese in the Northern Collector Tunnel and they know the water is being directed to ‘Kenya’s number one mega estate, Northlands,” Mwangi revealed.

Northlands City will cost the President Sh 500 billion, according to real estate valuers.


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