Thursday May 28, 2020 – US President Donald Trump has weighed in on whether or not to reopen Kenyan schools during this COVID19 pandemic.

Through the US Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, he warned President Uhuru Kenyatta of dire consequences should he reopen schools without proper planning.

In a morning interview on Ghetto Radio, the Ambassador advised the relevant authorities to exercise caution, adding that the new normal could warrant a restructuring of the entire education system.

“I’d like to point out that I’m a visitor and that I am in no position to impose or advise the national government.”

“With that said, I think we have to consider changing the way we educate our children.”

“The current state dictates investing heavily in an online education system plan.”

“Back in the US, we are in the process of finalising such a plan and presenting it to the government for approval,” he stated.

The envoy pointed out the Google Loon Kenya Project was timely as it meant that the country had the infrastructure in place to make e-learning a reality.

On April 3rd, data from Flight Radar showed that two balloons (HBAL092 and HBAL125) are currently airborne in Migori and Homa Bay areas, hovering at 60,000 feet.

Ambassador McCarter went on to caution against losing sight of the fact that the deadly virus was still a threat and that the directives on social distancing and sanitisation needed to be maintained at all costs.

“Kenya is America’s best ally in Africa, which is why we are currently training over 34,000 health workers and stationed our agents at all points of entry into the country where we have consequently stopped thousands of fake Covid-19 test kits from making their way into the country, in conjunction with Kenyan agents,” he revealed.

The diplomat urged Kenyans not to read too much into the rising Covid19 cases, saying that it was not necessarily a bad sign, but rather just an effect of carrying out more tests.

“You can’t say that the numbers are rising, we simply haven’t tested as many people.”

“I think the figure is steady and I laud the national government for the measures it has undertaken to safeguard the people.

“I want us to free the economy as soon as is reasonable,” he stated.

The education conundrum has been a thorny issue, with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary-General, Wilson Sossion, asking the Government to consider postponing the national exams to 2021.


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