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Friday May 29, 2020 – COTU boss, Francis Atwoli, has advised Deputy President William Ruto to swallow his pride and go kneel before former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for all his mistakes to be forgiven.

This comes even as President Uhuru Kenyatta continues to isolate the DP from the confinements of power.

According to Atwoli, Ruto’s last hope is former Prime Minister Raila Odinga whom he said will sanitize the DP to get back to Uhuru’s good books.

“First of all, the advisor who asked Ruto to be silent amid this conflict has advised him well.”

“He needs such good and experienced advisers.”

“If he can keep quiet, then he can strategise.”

“However, if I were him, I would be remorseful, and not confrontational.”

“He should humble himself and look out for Raila and have breakfast with him, and people like Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to mend fences.”

“He should also sit down with those who he perceives are opposing him and start working a fresh,” Atwoli stated. 

The COTU chief, while reiterating that he did not have anything personal against Ruto, argued that the DP can make a good leader but Kenyans will regret electing him as he harbours hate, and had blatantly shown defiance to Kenyatta.

“There is no person who can persevere for a long time than Kenyatta, it took him long to persevere Ruto.”

“Ruto is a shrewd leader if he can compose himself, he still has an opportunity after 2022, not 2022.”

“There is nobody who has had sympathy votes in this country than Raila, so it is wrong saying Ruto will be elected by Kenyans on sympathy.”

“Things change. People can forget all about you in 2 mins.”

“If popularity was to make someone a President, then Martin Shikuku could have been one,” Atwoli stated.


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