Friday May 22, 2020 – Former Kibwezi MP, Kalembe Ndile, has challenged Prophet David Owuor and Pastor James Ng’ang’a to perform miracles for Kenya to find a cure for COVID19.

This follows yesterday’s appeal by Pastors to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to reopen churches even as Coronavirus infections pick up momentum with Kenya posting a record 80 cases in the last 24 hours.

Ndile accused pastors of demanding churches to be opened prematurely claiming that they were running out of offerings.

The former legislator also challenged the two outspoken clerics to direct their energies towards praying for God’s intervention in the pandemic that has turned life upside down across the globe.

“There is a pastor who claimed that he was the word, and the word is Ngang’a.”

“I know that the word is God so when you come and put up a church then call yourself Ng’ang’a.”

“I challenge all the pastors to pray for Coronavirus to end so that churches can resume services.”

“That is when we shall proclaim victory over the pandemic.”

“You can’t argue that the government should allow you to resume church to collect offerings,” argued Kalembe.

“Prophet Owuor, where are you, perform miracles and pray for Covid-19 to end before we open churches.”

“I ask the government not to open churches until the pandemic ends,” he added.

He further urged that if the clerics failed to meet this condition, the State should not open churches even after the virus ends claiming that pastors fleece their followers with fake miracles but when real tragedies hit, they recoil.

“We had discovered that some pastors were in churches for the offerings.”

“You go to church and they claim you have an issue and they sort it yet it was fake, those are the kinds of miracles they performed.

“If you are unable to perform Coronavirus miracles, let us never open churches even after the pandemic ends,” He urged.

Some religious leaders have been discovering other talents as the pandemic bites and their income from congregants hit after President Uhuru Kenyatta barred gatherings of more than 15 people and closed all churches and mosques.

A Kitui based pastor by the name Peter Musyoka is now forced to sell smokies and eggs after losing a steady source of income.

Musyoka, a father of six, says that the closure of churches has left him hard hit. 


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