Wednesday, 13 May 2020 – A 19 year old boy was killed via mob justice after he snatched  a phone from a Mama Mboga and soon after he was killed, his mother rushed to the scene and spoke to journalists, revealing how she desperately tried to plead with him to change his behaviours.

Unlike some mothers who defend their sons when they are caught in the wrong, this woman confessed that her deceased son was a notorious thief.

The woman disclosed that she even tried to start a business for him and connected him with manual jobs but all her efforts were futile.

The young man used to complain that some of the manual jobs that his mother was telling him to do were very hard and so, he chose to engage in crime.

The 19 year old boy has past criminal records but his proverbial forty days reached after he was caught snatching a phone from a mama mboga.

The deceased’s mother warned his son’s accomplices that their days are also numbered.

By watching this emotional video, that will leave some of you in tears, you can tell that this woman did everything possible to mould her son.


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