Tuesday May 26, 2020 – ODM leader, Raila Odinga, has given a timeline within which the country must hold the Building Bridges Initiative referendum.

Speaking during an interview this morning, Raila revealed that BBI will culminate in a historic referendum later this year but only after the country has successfully battled coronavirus and its impact.

He noted that the BBI coordination team, comprising of a taskforce and the political wing was almost through with its mandate.

Therefore, what remained was a small task to effect law changes.

“Reggae (read BBI) was going to give us constitutional changes and we were only remaining with rallies in Nairobi and Nakuru…there were already myriad of recommendations that required executive actions, legislative actions and other structural law changes to effect,” he said.

With the Government battling the coronavirus which has killed 52 people and infected more than 1,000 others, Raila said that the team will give President Uhuru Kenyatta time to focus on healing the economy first.

“Before we resume the BBI and the referendum, we will take time to focus on helping people afflicted by the coronavirus, floods and the desert locusts,” he said.

He said that their intention as the steering team was to give the Government ample time and support it in supporting the needy as the economy recovers from the pandemic.

“We want the Government to repair the economy.”

“We do not want to bring BBI politics into a country that is still grieving and hungry after the coronavirus menace.”

“We have to revive the economy first,” he said, adding that the referendum may come before the end of the year after the dust has settled on the pandemic.


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