Wednesday May 20, 2020 – After making what was seen as significant inroads into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Mt Kenya political base, tables have now turned on Deputy President William Ruto, whose allies in the region seem to have developed cold feet.

This follows the ongoing brutal purge against the DP’s allies from key positions in the Senate and National Assembly, a move that has sent shockwaves in Ruto’s camp, with some of his supporters now seeking to return to the President’s corner.

Politicians associated with Uhuru have revealed that their opponents, who have been vocal in the pro-Ruto Tanga Tanga group, have been reaching out to them in what appears to be a change of tune in Uhuru’s favour.

Some of Ruto’s supporters from Mt Kenya region, who were previously vocal in defence of their boss, have faded from the public arena, with some fearing that the President may take the war to their constituencies and lock them out of Parliament in the next General Elections.

Kieni MP, Kanini Kega, a staunch Uhuru supporter, said yesterday that some of his counterparts from the DP’s camp have been approaching him for accommodation after Uhuru’s purge started.

“The moderate ones we have welcomed them back.”

“The extremists are still out there and today out of 75 MPs in the region, 62 are behind the President.”

“What are these numbers they keep talking about?” posed Kega.

His Nyeri Town counterpart, Ngunjiri Wambugu, said Mt Kenya MPs, who have been drumming up support for the DP’s 2022 presidential ambitions, are “very scared” and some have been approaching him seeking to shift their loyalty. 

“Some have confessed that they blindly followed the DP after being misled by a few Tanga Tanga diehards that Ruto and Uhuru were working together and that is why the numbers appeared big.”

“But from what is happening, they have realized they were fighting the wrong battle.”

“I have actually been talking to my colleagues on their behalf so that they can be pardoned,” said the MP, a fierce critic of the DP.


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