Tuesday, 12 May 2020 – A sexy woman is regretting why she decided to alter her body after her breast tissues started to rot and smell like dying flesh after a botched breast reduction surgery.

Speaking in a talk show, the woman named Esmeralda, described how she was left with a ‘hole’ in each of her breasts after her doctor spent six months cutting off the decaying flesh.

Esmderalda, who was joined by her mother and sister during the show, said that she got worried after her breast reduction surgery when she started to smell something rotting.

The woman was lucky after a professional doctor that she consulted managed to cuff off the dead skin, a process that took six months.

“For six months, I would go up to see him up to three times a week just so he could cut off the dead skin until it turned [into] like flesh, open flesh, but it was deep” she said.

This is how the botched surgery messed up her breasts.


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