Thursday May 7, 2020 – A controversial lunch date between ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, and his fierce critic, Oscar Sudi, (Kapseret MP) sparked a storm on Wednesday night.

According to blogger Robert Alai, the two discussed a devious scheme to undermine President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Oscar Sudi met Raila Odinga for lunch today at The Pumpkin Restaurant in Kilimani.”

“A few hours later, ODM legislators wanted President Uhuru to resign,” Robert Alai tweeted.

A twitter account associated with the Kapseret MP then sent out a message confirming that the meeting took place but denied there being any political discussions.

“Today I bumped into Raila Odinga’s table having lunch at a popular restaurant.”

“We had lunch together and thereafter chit chats. Raila is like a father to me.”

“We were close buddies with his son the late Fidel Odinga.”

“When I meet him it doesn’t necessarily mean we discuss politics,” the tweet read.


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