Thursday, May 14, 2020 – This dude has narrated on twitter about how he dated a female psychopath who almost wrecked his life.

He met the lady at Thika Road Mall and three weeks after meeting, she had already moved into his house and started doing household chores.

She would cook, wash his clothes and do all the household chores.

The man thought that he had landed a good lady but he had just fallen in love with a psychopath.

Over the time that they dated, the man’s life was hell.

The lady used to behave like a mad woman and even threatened to kill herself after an argument.

He remembers a time they went clubbing and his girlfriend started a fight in a club with a lady friend, accusing her of destroying her relationships.

After the club bouncers separated them, she started crying saying that only her late mother loves her.

She then told her boyfriend to take her to her mother’s grave in the middle of the night because she is the only person who loves and cares about her.

Being a good boyfriend, the guy obliged and took the lady to her mother’s grave where they stayed till morning.

Read the guy’s shocking tweets narrating his experience with the lady who almost wrecked his life.

Psychopaths do exist.


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