Wednesday May 27, 2020 – Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga appeared before the Jubilee Party Disciplinary Committee today to defend herself against expulsion for missing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House meeting. 

While addressing the panel at the party’s Pangani headquarters, Omanga, who is a diehard of Deputy President William Ruto, revealed that she wasn’t expecting to be grilled by the party’s disciplinary organs because she had already explained herself.

“Maybe there was a miscommunication, but when I explained to the Chief Whip Murang’a Senator Irung’u Kang’ata my position, he had told me that we were coming here to withdraw the charges,” she argued.

The legislator, who was facing expulsion from the party, added that she had a text message from the Chief Whip to that effect.

“It was actually a surprise that we were going through this (grilling).”

 “I said it was a blessing in disguise because I can clarify and explain myself further on the issue because I believe there is a lot of misconception,” stated Omanga.

In defence, Omanga explained that she did not receive an invitate to the State House meeting and only came to learn about it much later.

“I did not get the message and only learned it later from the Chief Whip.”

“As a politician, you understand that you get a lot of messages.”

“Right now, I have 7,000 messages and I’ve tried searching for that invite message and I have not been able to find it.”

“I did not have an avenue to send an apology because I had no message,” she told the disciplinary committee.

She further affirmed her loyalty to the party and President Uhuru Kenyatta, adding that since she joined in 2017, she had paid over Ksh 600,000 in membership fees to Jubilee.


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