Tuesday May 19, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government announced fines to banks and financial institutions that deny their customers loans based on Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) listings.

This new regulation represents a fresh attempt to unlock credit to firms and workers hard hit by effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Treasury introduced the fine in regulations aimed at cleaning up the CRBs blacklist and enhancing borrowers’ chances of being able to borrow more.

Following this directive, the Kenya Commercial Bank did exactly the opposite. Instead of advancing loans to those in CRB, they lowered their credit limits to zero.

Some customers affected by the lender’s move said their loan limits had been maintained for over a year, and were pulled down immediately the Government announced the fines.

“Now to evade this, KCB has deactivated all the loan limits that they had allocated to their customers who are listed with the CRB.”

“For example a client whom they use to notify that she qualifies for a loan of Ksh 54,000 now has zero limit,” said a customer.

Other banks and lending institutions are said to have followed suit and pulled down the loan limits of their blacklisted customers to zero.


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