Friday, May 29, 2020 – Earlier this week, a video of a Kisii woman threatening to beat her husband for demanding his conjugal rights emerged on social media and spread like bushfire.

In the video, the man is heard accusing his wife of being lazy and denying him sex for 2 years.

We have since established that the couple are Ministers of the gospel.

They run a Church dubbed Faith Impact Ministries International where the husband, Pastor Joshua Sindiga, is the founder and the wife, Mercy Marisera, is a co-founder.

Just like most prosperity gospel preachers, Joshua and his wife, Mercy, lead a lavish lifestyle thanks to ‘Sadaka’ and ‘Mbegu’ from their brainwashed followers.

For instance, their house where the viral video was recorded is a lavish mansion thought to be worth several millions.

It has also emerged that Joshua is a notorious con who has been conning gullible people by lying to them that he can help them get US visas.

Several people have come out to accuse him of swindling them their hard earned money claiming that the embarrassing video could be karma getting back at him.

See the photo of their lavish mansion and reactions below.

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