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Friday, May 22, 2020 – Popular radio host, Maina Kageni, has told off a sexually starved lady who has been stalking him and bombarding him with messages on his personal phone number.

Having failed to get Maina’s attention as he would not reply to her messages, the bold lady called during Maina’s morning show on Classic FM and poured her frustrations to him.

‘I have texted you so many times but you always ignore me.’ She said

To which Maina replied: ‘where did you get my number from?

I do not reply to numbers that i have not saved.’ 

Unbowed, the lady went on to state that she is the type of woman who makes a move on a man she likes.

 “If a man tells me no I just move on to the next man I like.”

‘In a club I approach a man and ask him if he is taken or if he is single.”

If he is not taken we start chatting, he is the one to buy the drinks.”

If he ‘talks’ nicely ntampea the same night, life is too short to hold back,” she added.

The veteran media personality is among few Kenyan celebrities who have managed to keep their family and relationships under wraps.

At some point, his sexuality was a subject of intense scrutiny with some Kenyans claiming that he is gay.

However, the 43-year old, who commands a huge following among Nairobi women, due to his raunchy radio breakfast show, has never admitted or denied it.


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