Monday May 11, 2020 – Narok Senator, Ledama ole Kina, has revealed how he outsmarted his Siaya counterpart and Senate Minority Leader, James Orengo, to clinch the coveted Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee (CPAIC) Chairperson seat.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, the fiery Ole Kina detailed how he used a personalised and non-partisan campaign that caught everyone by surprise, including Orengo who was backing Kisii County Senator, Sam Ongeri.

“The fact is I actually campaigned.”

“The first person I reached out to was my colleague Senator Kibiru who I thought was going to be part of the committee.”

“When he wasn’t there, I reached out to Senator Wamatangi, Ochillo Ayacko, and Mithika Linturi.”

“I reached out to them because I was not looking at them as Jubilee members, I was looking at them as Senators and my colleagues,” he stated.

Kina then outlined how his exemplary record in the previous CPAIC helped push Senator Millicent Omanga to nominate him for the position out of her own volition.

“I never actually reached out Senator Omanga, but because she believes in merit, I believe that is why she voted for me,” he noted.

Ledama went on to call out members of his ODM party who had leaked information that they had agreed on a preferred candidate for the CPAIC role.

“What I found to be a bit conniving are statements from some of my party members that there was an agreement regarding a preferred candidate. That is a lie,” he asserted.

He further revealed that he had held 2 meetings including a 3-hour zoom meeting with Orengo before he was elected but they never came to an understanding.

A third meeting set for May 3, (a day before the election) never materialised, with the Senator claiming that party leader Raila Odinga and Orengo met Senator Ayacko.

“I was never consulted not called up to step down for any other candidate.”

“Come election day, I campaigned. I got 5 votes and Ongeri got 4, that is when all hell broke loose,” he recounted.

His performance and close ties to members of the previous committee proved to be his key to the victory that sent shockwaves in the ODM party.


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