Wednesday May 20, 2020 – Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, has asked Jubilee Party rebels to either respect President Uhuru Kenyatta or resign.

Speaking from Kithiriti Primary School in Nyangati Ward, Mwea Constituency, while distributing food and face masks to the elderly, Waiguru stated that all members of the party had signed a code of conduct that they needed to follow.

“Everybody signed a code of conduct before they got their nomination certificate and all of us signed that we will adhere to the constitution of Jubilee Party and that we will recognise that we have a party leader and party structures,” Waiguru stated.

Further, Waiguru insisted that the Jubilee Party will continue to crack the whip on party rebels.

“If somebody is not happy with the Jubilee Party, they have options.”

“We have many parties in Kenya, you can go to another party.”

“If you are in Jubilee, the least you can do is respect His Excellency the President,” she declared.

The Kirinyaga boss insisted that only leaders who shared the President’s vision should chair various Parliamentary Committees to help the President realise the Big 4 Agenda.

Waiguru’s declaration came at a time when the party was expected to remove Kithure Kindiki as Deputy Speaker.

In a list that surfaced on Wednesday, 48 Senators had expressed their support for the motion and had already appended their signatures and I.D numbers to the document.



  1. people have created a narrative that ruto camp is not respecting uhuru of which it is a total lie just to create a gap between the president and deputy president, they are the one who do not respect the president, there is a song in town today from them today respect respect respect ,what is this waiguru who is relocating people at night with rain and covid 19 pademic tell us ? before point a finger to people, tell us you are advocating the act

  2. Madam has lost touch with KIRINYAGANS. We are waiting for 2022. If she will come to sell who we think ….she will be in for a shocker !!!

  3. The Governor is right. Respect Uhuru. To be voted in or not that is futuristic. He needs time and space to fulfill his big 4 agenda. We citizens are tired of verbal attacks on our leader.

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