Friday, May 29, 2020 – The Government disclosed on Friday that 140 people who tested positive for Coronavirus cannot be traced because they gave wrong contacts.

That means that they are roaming around, spreading the virus!

Health Director-General Patrick Amoth revealed that the 140 tested positive in the ongoing mass testing but did not divulge where they are located or when they were tested.

“This is a critical group of people who gave us wrong contacts and eventually the long arm of the law will catch up with them,” Dr Amoth said.

On the same vein, Dr. Amoth revealed that 130 positive cases were being managed from home with follow-up from the health workers.

This comes just days after Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe, revealed that some cheeky individuals are giving false personal details while testing for Covid-19.

The CS also implored Kenyans to be their brother’s keepers and report anyone who is sick and could be having coronavirus and refusing to get help.

Serikali iko na mkono mrefu itakutafuta tuu pale ulipo kwa hivyo wewe rudi, nenda kea daktari, nenda isolation and you will be fine and we will pray for you even if you are a sinner,” Mr Kagwe asserted.


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