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Saturday May 9, 2020 – Leaked information has exposed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s next powerful position in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s current Government.

Yesterday, a number of political analysts raised questions about Kenyatta’s relationship with Odinga, with one arguing that the new case of ODM MPs ganging up against Kenyatta indicated that Raila was pushing for a position of power.

“Raila is being impatient and reports allege that he wants Kenyatta to create a position for him in Government, a Chief Secretary role,” analyst Martin Andati stated.

According to reports, Uhuru and Raila have been meeting secretly ahead of the looming Cabinet changes.

According to the new power lineup, Raila will be announced as the Chairman of the Economic Recovery Team.

He will have an office at Harambee House, which houses Kenyatta’s official office, and will also have Cabinet Secretaries, Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs), Principal Secretaries (PSs) and parastatal heads report to him. 

On Friday, May 8th, Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe shed more light about the looming changes which Kenyatta and Odinga last discussed on the night of the very same day. 

“Very soon, we shall have new formations which will unite Kenyans from all corners of the country irrespective of their political inclinations or the language they speak,” Murathe stated. 

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have been crying foul over the looming changes, as Kenyatta’s ally, Tiaty MP, William Kamket, alluded that they are inevitable, adding that the Head of State was punishing the DP and his staunch supporters for constantly attacking him.

“The President has been quiet when they make noise, attack him and now it is time to act.”

“He has waited for them to make true their threats and to walk out but they are hesitant.”

“It is now time to kick them out, and it will happen very soon,” Kamket stated.


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