Wednesday, May 27, 2020 – Fast rising Kenyan online comedian, Chebet Rono, has flaunted her assets on social media in a bid to promote body positivity.

Taking to Instagram, the curvy lass opened up about being a victim of body-shaming all her life.

The bullies affected her self-esteem so much that at some point she wanted to be a man.

She wrote:

“Really hesitated before posting this thinking “can’t wait for people to talk and make a big deal out of this” but this whole pandemic has made me a whole different person.

“I literally have been transformed by just getting to know who the hell I am, genuinely loving myself and doing things for me,”

“I’ve been body shamed my whole life and I would wear clothes that were huge and buggy because apparently I am too big for 19. I literally wanted to be a nigga at one point I was like f*ck dis you know but I began to find myself learn things about myself take a pause on giving out more than I was receiving,”

“I started working out slowly and TBH THIS POST IS FOR EVERY BIG GIRL!! Who has dealt with people wanting them to be smaller YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT YOU TO LOVE YOUR BODY WITH ALL YOU GOT!!!

Because no one else will you really cant live your whole life caring about what other people think bbg!!!!! And forgive my lace honey a girl ain’t got the glue yeeeeett,”

See the photos below.

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