Sunday, 24 May 2020 – High end thigh vendor, Huddah Monroe, who masquerades as a socialite and businesslady, has gone missing on Instagram, a platform that she uses to sell flesh to wealthy men.

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, Huddah would make an average of 10 posts per day on her Instagram page that has 1.9 million followers, mostly displaying a lavish life in exclusive hotels in Dubai, where most of her sex clients are based.

But she has not posted anything since April 28th.

We understand that Huddah is stuck in Dubai where she had gone to sell her body.

The Kenyan Government’s ban on international flights left her stranded in Dubai, where she is being hosted by a friend.

As usual, social media detectives have noticed that she is among the flesh peddlers who have been badly affected by corona virus pandemic.


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