Wednesday May 27, 2020 – Nominated MP, David Ole Sankok, has endorsed Jubilee changes in the Senate which were opposed by Deputy President William Ruto and his allies.

Speaking yesterday, Sankok, who was one of the diehards of Ruto, came out to explain why he seemed to have switched sides.

He reiterated that he owed allegiance to the party and its leadership, promising to toe the line.

Alluding to the Senate Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting snubbed by Ruto’s allies that endorsed the changes, Sankok said that it was important for all party members to attend meetings they have been invited to by the party leader.

Sankok advised allies of the Deputy President to attend the meetings if only to raise their issues with the party leader.

“Supporting somebody for the ambition of 2022 does not mean that we have suspended the Constitution of Kenya and the Constitution of our party.”

“We still have our party leader, we still have our President.”

“Surely, if our party leader calls for a Parliamentary Group meeting, it will be insubordination for anyone not to attend.”

“It will be total insubordination and disloyalty for anyone to refuse to attend because we still have one party leader,” he stated.

Sankok argued that a vast majority of legislators elected on the Jubilee Party ticket owed their poll victories to the party’s popularity.

“80% of the votes gotten by elected leaders is courtesy of the party.”

“In 2017 you could not contest on an ODM ticket in Central Kenya, you could not contest on a Jubilee ticket in Siaya.”

“Parties contribute a bigger percentage in terms of votes.”

“Your popularity as an individual, counts for 20%.”

“That is why party loyalty and respect to the party leader is not negotiable,” he noted.

Sankok urged President Kenyatta to urgently call a Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting in State House, Nairobi, maintaining that he will be the first to arrive.


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