Friday, May 8, 2020 – Singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, are without a doubt the most talked about celebrity couple in the country.

The two are a soft target for trolls who claim that Diana is too old for the controversial singer.

Some have gone to the extent of claiming that Diana was actually married and had two kids before she met Bahati.

This seems to have irked the former model and she has taken to Youtube to set the record straight.

The mother of two has made it clear that she was never married before meeting Bahati and this is her first marriage.

She even challenged anyone with evidence of children she had before meeting Bahati to bring them forward.

Speaking on the vlog, she said: 

“Let me clear the air for y’all. Before I met Baha I used to be a model and I used to do advertisements here and there and I happened to do a family advertisement for Nivea.

“It was a family setup me as the mummy figure, the guy model who was meant to be my husband and some two kids, we were in that setup.

“It was in 2014 and a whole year’s project kukiwa na mother’s day it’s me and the kids, ikiwa father’s day it was the guy and the kids so it translated to Diana is married and has two kids.

“I have not been married before but I also don’t mind being called mummy in case I have children out there,”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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