Sunday, May 17, 2020 – A man has narrated how he fell into a trap after his ex-girlfriend started sending him messages, saying how she misses him.

They broke up last year over irreconcilable differences and cut communication but the lady emerged from the blues recently and started bombarding him with sweet messages.

He fell into her trap and invited her to his house on a weekend where they had sex after parting ways last year and 2 weeks later, she visited him again but this time round, they had unprotected sex after she assured him she is clean.

He is now regretting why he didn’t use a condom after she infected him with an STD.

He is even thanking God that HIV results turned negative.

The guy is warning men not to entertain their ex-lovers after learning it the hard way.

He is waiting for medical results on Monday after he was tested for  STDs and he hopes that the sexually transmitted disease that he contracted from his ex-lover is curable.

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