Thursday May 14, 2020 – Fast fading political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has said that Economist David Ndii has a record of mental illness.

This was after he said that the only way Deputy President William Ruto can fight President Uhuru Kenyatta is by killing him.

In a tweet on Thursday, Ngunyi said that before arresting Ndii, they should remember that he has a case of clinical mental illness which explains his unusual way of reasoning.

“David Ndii has ADVISED William Ruto to Murder his BOSS in order to SURVIVE.”

“Before you ARREST him REMEMBER this: David Ndii has a CLINICAL RECORD of Mental Illness.”

“And this EXPLAINS his NIHILISM and BIZZARE thinking, including SECESSION.”

“The Boy is clinically SICK in the HEAD!” Mutahi Ngunyi said on his Twitter.

Mutahi made these comments after David Ndii told Ruto that the only way to deal with his boss is to kill him.

The constitution provides that the Deputy President automatically takes over the Presidency in the event the President dies and serves for the remainder of the term.


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