Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – Here’s an unedited letter from a lady called Miriam, who was a close friend to deceased Keroche heiress, Tecra Muigai.

Read what she wants the world to know concerning Tecra’s death.

My name is Miriam and as a close friend to Tecra Muigai I feel I need to tell the true story about what happened to my friend. First of all, Tecra didn’t die in a car crash, she fell from the balcony of her lovers holiday home in Lamu. I was so shocked when I saw they had put statement in the media claiming otherwise. Even by the time of her death Tecra was living away from the rest of her family who were in Nairobi and she was very heartbroken and lonely. She kept telling us, her friends, that she was the black sheep and she was in Lamu because she had said some things about the family business that had made her mother disappointed in her. I bet until she died many of you thought Annerlisa was the only heiress to Keroche (Breweries).

In fact, Tecra is not the first child of Tabitha Karanja and Joseph Karanja to die like this. Her other brother also died from alcohol and drugs but they don’t like to talk about it. To them, all they ever cared about was Keroche and Annerlisa (Muigai-her sister). Tecra had seen what had happened to their brother and spoke up. She wasn’t happy with how things were being handled. You can’t see your flesh and blood die because of cheap alcohol and still be comfortable bottling and selling to kill other young people. That’s why she was banished from Nairobi and people were presented with Annerlisa, the ‘darling’ of Keroche. Tecra was such a beautiful soul but the greed of her family pushed her out into the dark background.

This thing stressed her. She got into some really dark times and what made it worse is her family refused to help her because she would always insist on telling them the truth which is, they killed her brother. In Lamu, Tecra would drown her pain in parties and adventures. Some people took advantage of her being young and being the daughter of ‘Keroche’. Little did they know how much she hated that company. She would drink anything else but not Keroche products. If you asked she would tell you point blank ‘hio ni changaa imewekwa label’.

There is this old beach boy called Lali Omar who can confirm what I’m telling you. He met Tecra at Peponi hotel when she was not able to pay her hotel bill. Can you imagine that? While your sister is being showered with money to buy a new car you have been abandoned till you can’t pay a hotel bill. Yet when you die, the same family that abandoned you splashes the media with photos of how they ‘loved’ you? These rich families don’t know how to feel shame.

Rest in peace Tecra, this world was not your home for real.

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