I would like to urge the people of Mathira Constituency to remain calm over the harassment and intimidation being meted on me over my firm stand in the 2022 succession and fearlessly articulating the concerns of our community over poor tea, milk and coffee prices coupled with the collapse of businesses for our people.

I was threatened two months ago by a top adviser in our Government who hails from Gikororo area Iriaini Ward in Mathira Constituency, married in Murang’a, that unless I toed the line I would face the full wrath of the system and the ‘deep state’.

For the last two months officers from DCI have been all over the Country in every Government department where I have done bussiness for the last ten years looking for evidence that could take me to court.

In addition they illegally, without a court order, obtained my bank statements from Equity bank which they have been using to trace anyone who has done business with me for the last ten years.

My friends and business partners are being summoned and intimidated while being threatened to incriminate me in wrong doing which they have refused. Government officers who dealt with any of my companies or those of my partners and friends are being threatened to disown the processes and nuturally they have refused to incriminate themselves.

I would like to assure my Constituents that I am an astute businessman who has worked very hard for the last twenty years and will account for every cent that I have.

Last week, David Murathe, who we worked with for President Uhuru Kenyatta, announced on Inooro FM radio to the people of Kenya that I would be dealt with.

After the show he told a common friend that the DCI has clear instructions to take me to court with or without evidence.

David Murathe knows me well, he knows that I am principled, consistent and that I am never intimidated.

In 2002, against the stand of the Kikuyu community I took a stand to back President Uhuru Kenyatta who I served as a Personal Assistant.

On losing to President Kibaki I was invited, through my late brother who was in Narc Party, to abandon Uhuru and join Government.

I refused to betray Uhuru and stuck with him as Leader of official opposition.

In 2006 I was threatened with court cases if I could not abandon him. Again I refused. I was hauled in court for two years on trumped-up charges but I stood firm with him until he was elected President.
I have campaigned for him three times.

Court cases, therefore, can not scare me to change my stand.

I am ready to appear in any court for whatever charges and with time prove my innocence and be vindicated.

Trumped-up charges are an avenue to great leadership.

Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years and rose to lead South Africa. Jomo Kenyatta was jailed for 8 years and became our President. Our beloved President went through trumped-up charges at the Hague and today he is our leader.

Threats of being charged cannot change my political conviction.
I believe in the Uhuruto dream and will support the President and his Deputy to the last day.

I was taken to court and never betrayed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Being taken to court will not make me betray William Ruto. That is me.

Hon,Rigathi Gachagua.

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