Thursday, May 7, 2020 – A man, who is devastated after learning that he is not the biological father of all four of his kids, has taken to social media to narrate his harrowing experience.

The heartbroken man broke the news to his friend after he did DNA tests on the four kids and they all came negative.

“I just got a call from a senior friend, he told me that the DNA results of his four beautiful Children are out they are… 3girls and a boy from the Embassy and NONE of the kids are his…” the friend wrote on twitter.

His tweet elicited mixed reactions with some netizens comforting him while others probing to know what could have led to the situation.

According to statistics, many men even in Kenya are unknowingly raising children not theirs.

It is reported that fifty percent of Kenyan men who go for paternity tests at the Government Chemist turn out not to be the real fathers of the children they have invested in both emotionally and financially.

See the post and reactions below.

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