Friday, May 29, 2020 – KTN’s senior political affairs reporter, Ben Kitili, has found himself on the receiving end after he seemed to defend fellow media personality, Alex Mwakideu, who has been exposed for cheating on his wife.

The Milele FM presenter is the latest target of Youtuber Edgar Obare who has become Kenyan celebrities’ worst nightmare.

After exposing Jalangó and his randy ‘boys club’, Edgar shared screenshots of Mwakideu’s chats with slay queens he’s has been smashing behind his wife’s back.

Following the expose, Kitili took to twitter to bash Edgar and questioned the authenticity of the screenshots he’s sharing to expose cheating celebrities.

“The thing with the Edgar Obare type of ‘exposés’ is that it’s poorly done journalism. One-sided stories, half-baked proof, more trolling than truth.

Yet he’s using that to break homes, defame & maybe make money. Is he using spy software? I hope he has read the cyber-crimes act,” reads a Tweet from Kitili.”

This did not go down with a section of netizens who called out Kitili for defending Mwakideu.

Some wondered if he’s also been messing around and now he’s worried he could be exposed as well.

However, the father of two stated that he’s never cheated on his sexy wife, Amina.

See the post and reactions below.

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