Saturday, 23 May 2020 – The Kenyan DAILY POST has come across an expose displaying faces of some of the high end slay queen prostitutes making a killing by  providing escort services to top politicians, Government officials and expatriates.

A leaked conversation between one of the slay queens and a pimp discloses the amount of money that they make peddling flesh to men who hold high positions in the society.

In the deal, the slay queen, who is identified as Mitchel, is promised Ksh 120,000 by the pimp who wanted her to provide escort services to some visiting expatriates for 24 hrs.

She then sends photos of her fellow slay queen prostitutes who also provide the escort services to the pimp and tells him to choose the lady he wants.

These ladies live along TRM drive, an area flooded with high end sex workers.

Follow the leaked conversation between the slay queen sex worker and the pimp.

Also see photos of slay queen prostitutes who have formed a prostitution ring to provide high end escort services.

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