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It goes without saying that it would be foolhardy of me to play a Dr. Phill over the marriage of Willis Raburu and Marya Prude. That’s for married folks and relationship experts to display their punditry.

From what they purveyed on social media, the two were reincarnates of Romeo and Juliet. So they know best what exactly drew a quickset between them. Neither have spoken.

Two things however are as certain as death. Nay- three . That Luo men and monogamy cannot exist in the same sentence.

These River-lake blokes have been practicing devolution before the promulgation of the 2010 constitution. They are gurus at decentralization of love.

When you decide to profess “I Do” to a Luo man, be rest assured he will love you.

He will provide , protect and spoil you. But you will never be the only one he does this to. 

Make peace with that.

When Victorian folks coined the word ego, they had Omeras in mind. 

Explains why they are enamored to the finer things in life.

This includes women. Dear Okuyu babes, a Luo man will marry you because your complexion lights up the room when Kenya power exerts their monotony, and because you are somehow submissive and financially sharp(or so they say) but best believe, he’ll have a Luo woman by the side.

The one who prepares dek ,Aliya and moans in his own dialect.

2. The less the public knows about your relationship and marriage, the higher it’s chances of survival. Nuf said.

Finally, if your man from whatever tribe lands on the thighs of a Ugandan woman, count your loses and move on.

The difference between a Kenyan woman and her Ugandan counterpart is like Njahe and sausage. 

Those females make womanhood slap differently. And no, it has got very little to do with how they genuflect(kneel) before their men, that only excites oiks with egos the size of their dickheads.

Those women treat men, including the riffraffs like scions of regals- royalty. 

What’s so difficult for Kenyan women- Aoko included- to be gentle with these sons of Abraham? 

To not nag. To be understanding, to embody dignity and respect?

Don’t get me started on the sex. You fuck a Ugandan woman and you feel like you are screwing a breathing human being, not a complaining mannequin who asks you for pesa ya salon barely two thrusts into her dry hole.

They’re responsive and their elongated labias grabs you tighter than DP’s grip on Mutua. 

Oh and when they cum, wacha hawa Kenyan women who fake everything including orgasms- A Runyankole will squirt River Katonga and Kagera and make you feel like the real Bull of your land. 

You cannot fake that.

By Aoko Otien(Facebook)

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