Tuesday, May 12, 2020 – Former President Mwai Kibaki will be the highest-paid public servant going by the new data from the National Treasury.

According to the data, the former President will be earning more than President Uhuru Kenyatta who currently earns Sh 1.44 million per month.

The National Treasury data revealed that Kibaki will be earning Sh 2.86 million per month beginning July 1st beating both the president, his deputy, William Ruto, and heads of parastatals.

Broken down, the estimates, which were forwarded to Parliament for approval, indicated that the former President’s perks totalled to Ksh 34.43 million in the upcoming financial year.

With these numbers, this becomes the first time that Kibaki’s pension is listed in the budget estimates since 2013 when his perks were put together with those of former President Daniel Moi.

Moi’s pension was, however, discontinued after he passed away in February 2020.


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