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Friday May 15, 2020 – Keroche Breweries owners, Tabitha Karanja, and Joseph Karanja have hired lawyer, James Orengo, to push for murder charges against their late daughter’s boyfriend Omar Lali.

The billionaires want Orengo to represent their interests as the DCI conducts further investigations into the matter.

A post-mortem done on Tecra Karanja’s body showed that she died as a result of head injuries but there is yet to be a consensus on whether the fall was accidental or she was pushed to her death.

A further toxicology test showed that there was a lot of alcohol in Tecra’s blood meaning that she was inebriated before she fell to death.

Orengo, who was present during the post mortem, insisted that the injuries came from a pushed fall while the lawyer and pathologist representing Omar Lali’s interests insisted that the fall was accidental.

Omar, who is already in police custody, complained that there is a deliberate effort to blame him for a bad accident that allegedly happened while he was asleep.

“They told my brother to tell me to confess to punching her and that once I admit this as a formality, they will help me get out of jail,” he complained

Omar insisted that he was in love with Tecra and did not have any reason to kill his lover with whom he spent the fateful night of April 28th with.


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