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Wednesday, May 13, 2020 – Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Director, Dr. Yeri Kombe, has said that the agency has no funds to run its daily assignments including conducting tests of COVID19.

Appearing before the National Assembly Committee on Health on Tuesday, Kombe disclosed that the institute had exhausted the initial allocation from the Government of Ksh158 million, as it requested more funds to allow the progress of various programs and purchase of crucial equipment.

The director said that the agency is running on empty coffers and it has been unable to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for its workers or chemical reagents for testing procedures.

Prof Kombe requested that the Government allocates Ksh 950 million to KEMRI to facilitate their programs, with Ksh100 million earmarked for the hiring of scientists and researchers.

Yombe even broke down the projected expenditures to MPs, explaining why at least Ksh 950 million was needed to operate effectively.

“A lot of reagents and materials are being used in screening and testing of the virus.”

“The institute has utilised most of the available resources and there is a need to procure more laboratory and personal protective equipment,” he noted.

Kenyans have now asked the Ministry of Health under the leadership of CS Mutahi Kagwe to explain where he took the billions set aside for fighting COVID19.


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