Wednesday May 6, 2020 – A storm is brewing in Kabete, Nairobi, after tenants at an apartment building clashed with the caretaker over rent arrears, leading to arrests, eviction notices and a pending court case.

An eviction notice from property management company, Mark and Jedy, informed tenants that they will have to vacate by May 31.

A representative of Mark and Jedy claimed that towards the end of April, a group of tenants had refused to pay rent and even came to their offices to threaten them.

He disclosed that they engaged officers from Kabete Police Station who took action and arrested some of the tenants, with a case pending in court.

He further revealed that they had issued a number of tenants with eviction notices following the incident, asserting that the widely circulated notice was genuine.

“It’s something I saw because I was in the office when they came.”

“They were very loud and physical, and they were threatening everyone and insisting that they will not pay rent.”

“We called in officers from Kabete Police Station and some of them were arrested.”

“In fact, there’s a pending case in court and we are awaiting directions.”

“Others we gave them eviction notices, we expect them to leave by May 31.”

“So the letter you have seen is genuine, it’s true what is written,” he stated.

On April 1st, the Landlords and Tenants Association of Kenya (LATAK) called for a rent waiver of three months to be declared.


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